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Welcome to Mecklenburg v2.0 Thumbnail

- 3 villages and LPG, which manages the full range of normal agriculture
- Pig, cattle breeding, milk production and sheep on the farm and a few chickens
- The feed store was thrown out, as it has not received more raison
- The dairy barn is now muck out in the barn and the manure pile in front of the barn can be used as manure interim storage
- The terrain still indulged a few finishing touches and meadows must be recreated

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Credits: gtschmied No Comments
Hagenstedt XXL without Wither v2.1 Thumbnail

- The withering / rotting is off
- Fruits: wheat, barley, corn, rape, sugarbeet, potatoes, carrots, onions, sunflowers, rye, dinkel, triticale, oats
- Exchanged XXL barn against Duch driving Hall
- Hall 2 Exchanged counter timbered buildings
- Now Housed fertilizer and seed in a shelter
- Silos telescoped
- Fixed several small graphic errors (including context and taking the threshing spelled)
- Situated environment plan in the yard
- New Launch Vehicles
- Flying Eggs Eliminates
- Farm gates and Hofzaun away

Mod Views: 7 Size: 189 MB Category: Maps
Credits: ZeFir_POLAND, Trixi, BauerBernd, Philippelp, charly_99, Luculus, GE-Mapping, frisco0177, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, ieg53i, Marhu, Sigie85, matzesft, majo84, MF 7620, Trekkerbodo, Kirtz Pierre, HatzFan, Kolbenfresser No Comments
Czech Map v1.0 Thumbnail

This map is in the atmosphere of an old farm, something like Polish state farm. It has one farm, biogas, and the large size purchase. The map was also slightly optimized.

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Credits: Coufy, ZeFir No Comments
Iron Horse Farm v2.0 Thumbnail

- 19 Fields
- 1 very old farm.
- Sheep, Cows, Pigs and chickens
- Dealership
- Added a windmill
- Added fences around the farm
- New silos at the main farm
- Modification to some shed roofs and sheds
- Fixed the icons on the PDA
- Changed the clip Distances to 400

Mod Views: 6 Size: 140 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Csmc, enzonext, Mourice, Katsuo, MrFox, martinbigM500, Luculus, Raptor5, Chief86, Marhu, duarn, sandgroper, WKubota, FarmerYip, Typho0n No Comments
Triple Farming Map v2.1 Thumbnail

- Water point at the stockyards and inserted in the gravel pit
- Wash bay at the main and Stockyards inserted
- In addition to the brewery, the box was removed and instead an interim storage facility for all fruits, as well as for the production of goods (beer, canned food, bread, concrete and apples) inserted
- The roads are a little further away from the terrain
- New PDA Map
- 6 are in some trees in the fields, the Colli was removed because the carer
On the map there are five productions:
- Bakery: wheat, barley, sunflowers and water brings back one, rolls do you get the sale
- Canning: water, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots brings you down, you get canned vegetables
- Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site
- Apple orchard: crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets
- Brewery: barley, hops (available from Lanhandel) hinbringen and water to get beer

Mod Views: 27 Size: 269 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Farmerahner, Ganelcer, SLJ-AGRAR, Kolbenfresser, Desperados93, TMT-Team, Marhu, Alex2009, marjas31, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, Bluebaby210 No Comments
Hagenstedt Dude Style v1.6 Thumbnail

It’s a big farm that has gone bankrupt and you just managed to pick it up for a very reasonable price. There is some equipment left by the original owner and you still own 3 fields but the place still needs a lot of time and investment.

Mod Views: 15 Size: 152 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Giants, Michi, Marhu, TMT, Blacky_BPG, Alex2009, grafik-edv No Comments
Papenburger Map v2.1 Thumbnail

- Map script with standard fruit + kalk, fertilizers and multi Farm
- Liquid manure, kalk, manure mod
- 54 fields all helpers and courseplay justice applied
- Outbuildings : Raiffeisen, Raiffeisen market, pub, port, railway station, butchers, dairy garden centers
- Two courtyards : the main courtyard designed for cattle with milk, sheep and cattle
- Designed for agriculture 2nd courtyard but has also over cattle. Corn Exchange, beet and potato storage and 1 grass and corn silo
- 1 Large BGA with 2 silos procrastinate + 1 fahrsilo
- Kalk and fertilizers can be retrieved at Raiffeisen
- Many silos with large capacity
- Contractors with Large hall for maneuvering including light after 22 clock
- Dirt roads with Colision
- Liquid manure sale, liquid manure storage, manure storage
- All permanent grasslands have a grass scar
- Wheat and barley can be in the first two stages of maturity green chop withered only in the last stage
- Rape can chop green / blooming in the first Reifestumsstufe

Mod Views: 21 Size: 206 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Jimkerk, Fatian, Tessman85, Patii, Ni Modding, 818Vario, Kyosho, DeutzDx85, Manuel, Bluebaby210, Marhu No Comments
Lindberg v 2.0 Thumbnail

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Hallo, in den letzten Tagen habe ich euch die Lindberg V2 Ingame Ready gemacht.!
Verbaut sind neue details und neue Objekte by Timmy. Er hat mir sehr viel geholfen bei der Map und ich Danke ihm auch dafuer!
Sonst alles wie gehabt Haendler liefert euch die Geraete zum Hof. Verbaut sind noch Mist/Guelle Mod, Script für das Zunhammer für den Schlauch zum anschließen.!

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Moonshine Map with Industry v 1.2.0 Thumbnail

- Manure / dung / kalk mod added
- Modified road
- Horse Breeding added
- Slaughterhouse for pigs added
- Net Market added
- Traffic fix
- Gravel pit for sand added
- Cars for rent (Rent Lion) added
- Larger fields for only 15
- Agricultural flyer (latest version) added

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Radowiska v 5.0 Thumbnail

- 3 medium sized farms
- Laying on the first, second Pigs, calves on the third Farm. Everyone will find something for themselves
- Weight in procurement that brings Nam actual mass
- Runs bus and train freight
- Curious Polish climate
- Map of medium sizes work even on medium sized and better PC

Mod Views: 75 Size: 247 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Dzimson© No Comments
Euro Satellite v 1.0 Thumbnail

- Cows, sheep, chickens
- 1 farm
- Village
- A medium sized map
- The cultivation of basic
- Traffic

Mod Views: 71 Size: 148 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Aldrus No Comments
Rendsburg Map v 1.0 Thumbnail

- Manure and kalk mod
- Cows, Chickens, Sheep
- Pigsty
- Shovel Loader
- Charging shovel crops
- The movement of pedestrians and vehicles
- 1 Main farm and 2 smaller
- Feeding the cows in the barn
- A couple bought
- Off withering plants
- Doors open at key
- Mod weight
- Curious, realistic terrain with average fields
- Wild road, a small village, and many other details
- No errors in the log. Map of the average and good computers

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Agricultural Frontier Areas v 0.9 BETA Thumbnail

An interesting map with many small fields.
Focused on the beautiful grounds on the map.
On the map you will find the most important things to have a normal map, should be found.
There are many houses on the map, a few farms and animals have only cows.

Mod Views: 101 Size: 335 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Battle 414 Team Map No Comments
New Map v 9.0 Thumbnail

New in v 9.0 version:
- Pigsty
- Water Mod
- In the cow pasture, sheep and resistance at the chicken with wheat trough
- Can be used with the standard water trailers are genutz
- Port rebuilt
- At the large and the small courtyard newer halls
- Among the cows to a third feeding trough

Mod Views: 115 Size: 254 MB Category: Maps
Credits: shepp 001 No Comments
Great Daberkow v 1.1 Thumbnail

Changelog v 1.1:
- Built Kalk mod
- Kalk must be bought from the general store
- Goals of the cattle fattening are now open
- Sprinkling of cattle fattening now possible + signs
- Fixed short grass texture
- Fixed Floating Trees
- Mist Plane fixed with pig (dung plate)
- BGA bunker fixed Plane
- Signs Mountains space (courtyard)
- Small adjustments

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