Farming Simulator 2013 Maps Mods

MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v0.88.9 BETA Thumbnail

Changelog v 0.88.9 BETA:
- Manure heap at bills mast colli away
- Rye texture and hemp changed
- Weed quantity minimized something
- Weed Layer revised
- Revised weed Mod complete
- Moveable goals Farm 1, Farm 2, Farm 3 built, state of the gates is also stored in the Sav
- Income increased sugarbeet
- Fixed Sound Warnings pig and Claas Mega
- Odometer in Claas Drescher expanded, is even now in as

Mod Views: 20 Size: 190 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Bullgore, KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, Tessmann85 FSM, Flymaster, Marc85, ZeFir_POLAND, Eribus,vertexdezign, skydancer, Marhu, SFM, Sven777b, Blacky_BPG, Upsidedown, modportal, JakobT, Moor, Maurus, Shangri66, Tornado, TLS, Kubo, PsYcHoRiPpEr No Comments
Wild Brook Valley v2.4 Thumbnail

Changelog 2.4 version:
- Space for the Forstmod building created
- Swapped road texture of Fatians Set
- Fumes increased a little
- Built From crap functional in the barn
- Built temporary storage function of manure in the manure heap
- Particle system now fixed at the grain slides
- The slides of equipment and vehicles in the halls insofar as it was reduced
- Store trigger offset again and directed
- Foliage trees completely reworked , now flicker a lot less, have new textures
- Built Angerertal the Gasthof Angerer, some new fields and pastures, new road access and many details
- Pine forests built in
- Map Fertilizer Mod installed
- Installed lime
- Grass height adjusted
- The Mills built with unloading water mill with water, defense and completely new river Plane, 3 new fields and a few small meadows
- Adapted transport
- Installed new plants textures, partly from Forgotten Plants Set
- Sheep grazing embarrassed with all the food and water triggers, converted old sheep pasture
- Clover installed

Mod Views: 13 Size: 165 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Deutz1997, Fatian, Dennis Busch, Modelleicher, Maxter, Desperados93, FendtFarmer, pAre, IMarvin, Mr F, Giants, MR-Klausen, thejohnderre7930, ka88, Buschi, Tessmann85, TyphoOn No Comments
Langenfeld v1.0 Low Thumbnail

The map was designed from the ground up in great detail, what to bring, among others, the following objects to the expression:
- Electricity pylons
- Wind turbines
- Trees
- Rock
- Tree trunks
- Fences
Start Vehicles:
-1 Deutz TTV 430
-1 Lamborghini R4 110 ltalia
-1 Deutz 5465 H
-1 Deutz Cutter 5465 H
-1 Weidemann 4270 CX 100 T
-2 Krampe BBE 500
-1 Joker 6 CT
-1 Amazone AD P303 Super
-1 Amazone ZAM 1501
-1 Garant VE 8000
-1 Bergmann M 1080
-1 Cutter Trailer
-2 weights

Mod Views: 14 Size: 147 MB Category: Maps
Credits: bestmods No Comments
Agro Pomerania PGR Map v0.9 BETA Thumbnail

- PDA has to be adapted
- Cow pasture has to be adapted
- Signs on the different trigger loading
- Revise field margins partially
- Chickens + sheep missing plus the associated outlets
- Road textures need to be revised
- Various minor bugs (textures, etc.)

Mod Views: 14 Size: 260 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Olli0710 No Comments
Small beauty Village v1.0 Thumbnail

- On the map there are about 40 fields and meadows
- Map is ideal for all. Map has original atmosphere
- The fields are small. They have different shapes. Not only square. Fields you need to buy
- Start machines
- Land Commercial, Farm, Machine Shop
- 2 villages
- Pigs, chickens, cows, sheep
- Custom info trigger
- Water Mod
- Libra
- Map Door Trigger
- Liquid manure mod
- The choice of manure from the stable
- Alternative Tipping
- Car traffic
- Beautiful view. The Map is not flat
- 2 types of grass
- Different types of roads Field
- River, a small forest
- PDA map image. PDA fix
- No Colision Camera Mod, Player Camera Mod

Mod Views: 30 Size: 160 MB Category: Maps
Credits: RraptorR No Comments
Lindau Map v1.0 BETA Thumbnail

- Cow yard
- BGA (unfortunately without manure production)
- A hotel where you can sell potatoes
- Brewery with production
- A small village
- Construction site, there can beer sell
- A small forest

Mod Views: 9 Size: 229 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Kevin No Comments
Mountain Bog v1.0 Thumbnail

- 2 Detailed yards
- 2 biogas plant
- Numerous areas, meadows
- Flat to mountainous terrain
- Country Commercial
- Dealer available
- Many functions
- Rot is off

Mod Views: 9 Size: 130 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Waffenschmiede No Comments
Franconia Map v1.0 Thumbnail

- 124 fields
- 28 meadows
- 14 types of fruit: wheat, barley, oilseed rape, grass, corn, rye, oats, sunflower, triticale, Sudan grass, alfalfa, potatoes, turnips and clover
- Maize Row trial
- Manure, lime and manure texture in the fields
- Green windrow for multi mowing
- Rotting disabled
- Multi terrain
- 4 yards (1 normal, 3 based on pig script)
- Cattle fattening
- Pig farm
- Organic farm
- Dairy farm
- 2 biogas plants
- 1 contractors
- 2 external halls, one with Fahrsilo
- 3 functioning scales
- Cow and sheep pasture
- Chicken
- Wind turbines
- Power and telephone transmission lines
- 2 villages
- Desert Village
- Commercial area with BayWa, LIDL, ALDI, dairy and more
- Development area teachers mountain
- Lake
- Traffic and pedestrians

Mod Views: 16 Size: 322 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Gefd25, pAre, Greenstar3875 No Comments
Benz Northwest Mecklenburg v1.3 Reloaded Thumbnail

- Big fields
- An agricultural cooperative with milk production (cows are adapted)
- Grain drying
- Sugar beet factory
- Pig
- Exposed dunghill
- 3D roads
- Small lakes
- Vast forests
- 3 villages (Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow)
- Cereal hall with built up Super Silo Trigger
- Completely new farm with new biogas plant
- Chickens
- Sheep
- Egg & wool can be sold at the store in Benz
- New textures including all new grass texture
- New PDA
- Potatoes can now be harvested
- Slurry and manure mod

Mod Views: 17 Size: 150 MB Category: Maps
Credits: fendtxylon524, Bulldog13, Eckert35, Polska, maurermatze, Eifok, Fatian, Rubiks, Lexion_780, Patti, Buschi, bullgore, El Cid, The_Green_Flash, diverse polnische Modder No Comments
Welcome to Mecklenburg v2.0 Thumbnail

- 3 villages and LPG, which manages the full range of normal agriculture
- Pig, cattle breeding, milk production and sheep on the farm and a few chickens
- The feed store was thrown out, as it has not received more raison
- The dairy barn is now muck out in the barn and the manure pile in front of the barn can be used as manure interim storage
- The terrain still indulged a few finishing touches and meadows must be recreated

Mod Views: 32 Size: 339 MB Category: Maps
Credits: gtschmied No Comments
Hagenstedt XXL without Wither v2.1 Thumbnail

- The withering / rotting is off
- Fruits: wheat, barley, corn, rape, sugarbeet, potatoes, carrots, onions, sunflowers, rye, dinkel, triticale, oats
- Exchanged XXL barn against Duch driving Hall
- Hall 2 Exchanged counter timbered buildings
- Now Housed fertilizer and seed in a shelter
- Silos telescoped
- Fixed several small graphic errors (including context and taking the threshing spelled)
- Situated environment plan in the yard
- New Launch Vehicles
- Flying Eggs Eliminates
- Farm gates and Hofzaun away

Mod Views: 34 Size: 189 MB Category: Maps
Credits: ZeFir_POLAND, Trixi, BauerBernd, Philippelp, charly_99, Luculus, GE-Mapping, frisco0177, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, ieg53i, Marhu, Sigie85, matzesft, majo84, MF 7620, Trekkerbodo, Kirtz Pierre, HatzFan, Kolbenfresser No Comments
Czech Map v1.0 Thumbnail

This map is in the atmosphere of an old farm, something like Polish state farm. It has one farm, biogas, and the large size purchase. The map was also slightly optimized.

Mod Views: 18 Size: 113 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Coufy, ZeFir No Comments
Iron Horse Farm v2.0 Thumbnail

- 19 Fields
- 1 very old farm.
- Sheep, Cows, Pigs and chickens
- Dealership
- Added a windmill
- Added fences around the farm
- New silos at the main farm
- Modification to some shed roofs and sheds
- Fixed the icons on the PDA
- Changed the clip Distances to 400

Mod Views: 26 Size: 140 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Csmc, enzonext, Mourice, Katsuo, MrFox, martinbigM500, Luculus, Raptor5, Chief86, Marhu, duarn, sandgroper, WKubota, FarmerYip, Typho0n No Comments
Triple Farming Map v2.1 Thumbnail

- Water point at the stockyards and inserted in the gravel pit
- Wash bay at the main and Stockyards inserted
- In addition to the brewery, the box was removed and instead an interim storage facility for all fruits, as well as for the production of goods (beer, canned food, bread, concrete and apples) inserted
- The roads are a little further away from the terrain
- New PDA Map
- 6 are in some trees in the fields, the Colli was removed because the carer
On the map there are five productions:
- Bakery: wheat, barley, sunflowers and water brings back one, rolls do you get the sale
- Canning: water, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots brings you down, you get canned vegetables
- Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site
- Apple orchard: crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets
- Brewery: barley, hops (available from Lanhandel) hinbringen and water to get beer

Mod Views: 44 Size: 269 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Farmerahner, Ganelcer, SLJ-AGRAR, Kolbenfresser, Desperados93, TMT-Team, Marhu, Alex2009, marjas31, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, Bluebaby210 No Comments
Hagenstedt Dude Style v1.6 Thumbnail

It’s a big farm that has gone bankrupt and you just managed to pick it up for a very reasonable price. There is some equipment left by the original owner and you still own 3 fields but the place still needs a lot of time and investment.

Mod Views: 24 Size: 152 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Giants, Michi, Marhu, TMT, Blacky_BPG, Alex2009, grafik-edv No Comments
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