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Somewhere in Bavaria v1.0 Thumbnail

- The cow and pig pen must be cleaned up
- Milk must be worn even
- In MR very demanding
- Suitable for 1-2 players

Mod Views: 22 Size: 178 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Meins No Comments
Dalciowo Map Thumbnail

- 1 farm
- Buying all crops
- Shop
- Milkmaid who receives milk from the farm
- Chicken, geese, ducks, rabbits, guinea
- Selling eggs at a neighbor
- Feeding hens
- Cows that are fed in the barn
- Making in the stable
- Pasture near the farm
- Grass, fed cows
- Manure, liquid manure
- Fertilizers, sprays, fuel
- Lime loaded turem
- Buying bales in the barn
- Super silo
- Hinged door
- Bought box
- 6 Fields and meadow
- Mud on the road
- Cellar in which pour beets and potatoes
- Seeds
- Mod night
- Other scripts

Mod Views: 26 Size: 104 MB Category: Maps
Credits: mati4859 No Comments
Old Hagenstedt with Forestry v1.0 Thumbnail

- The map is Forstmod ready!
- The farm forestry can be found in box 4 of nearby land trade
- Important you need the Forestry mod, only the buildings and accessories are loaded from the Forstmod
- At the garden center you can now dung, manure, grass, potatoes and sugar beet Sell
- Field 13 was used as horse pasture Rebuilt the grass can you right at the horse sale
- The feed store built on the cow pasture
- The fire station is right at the entrance so a good position to be fast in the field

Mod Views: 40 Size: 206 MB Category: Maps
Credits: Landwirtschafts Simulator GV, Giants No Comments
Thuringia Rhon v0.9 BETA Thumbnail

- Hilly, large fields
- Baywa
- Raiffeisen
- 2 former LPG plants (arable farm, dairy farming)
- Green compost heap
- Adjusted traffic
- New grass texture
- Exposed dunghill
- 3D roads
- Adapted cow pasture
- 2D/3D trees
- Chickens

Mod Views: 43 Size: 205 MB Category: Maps
Credits: fendtxylon524 Saroman, Roberto91, xXMalleXx, AndiScania, diverse polnische Modder No Comments
Kernstadt v2.52 Forest Edition Thumbnail

- Some fields are planted and ready for harvest
- Standard, spelled, oats, rye, millet, sunflower, onions and carrots are installed
- Pig, cattle fattening, Wassermod, Woolpalettecollector, Purchasable items and much more
- 3 New outlets: Industrial complex, horse farm, slaughterhouse, Forest Enterprise, Station-sale
- New BGA with a capacity of each 480000 l per silo
- Second small courtyard
- Two forest areas
- Drivable dealers with repair option when using the schadenmod

Mod Views: 31 Size: 376 MB Category: Maps
Credits: PaPa, Alex2009 No Comments
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