Xerion SaddleTrac v 1.2 Washable Thumbnail

Original link [Uploaded.net]
Here is a black / white edition of the Claas Xerion 3800 Saddletrac

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Aguas Tenias 1 Axis 10T v 1.0 [MP] Thumbnail

Original link [Uploaded.net]

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Zunhammer Xerion3800 SaddleTrac v 2.0 [MP] Thumbnail

Original link [Uploaded.net]
Claas Xerion3800 SaddleTrac mit Gülleaufbau von Zunhammer
mit Saat und Dünger Aufbauten
Hi Com,
Einer kann mehr.
Erfolgreich wirtschaften und mit weniger Maschinen in kürzester Zeit mehr leisten.
Der XERION SADDLE TRAC eröffnet dort neue Perspektiven, wo Standardtraktoren und Selbstfahrersysteme an ihre Grenzen stoßen.
Mit der Kabine vorne, oberhalb des Motors bietet der XERION SADDLE TRAC optimale Aufsattelmöglichkeiten für Auflieger, Gülletanks, Saatgutbehälter und mehr…
Specializations Xerion:
zuschaltbare Zwillingsreifen ( Num_ 7/8)
Drehzahlbegrenzer( page up/down)
Lenkart umschaltbar (l)
Motor:Caterpillar-6-Zylinder, Turbo, Ladeluftkühler kW/PS bei U/min 285/388 bei 1800
Zunhammer Gülleaufsatz:
Fassungsvermögen: 16.000 Liter
Kann sowohl als selbstständiger Schleuderaufsatz als auch als Zusatztank für Güllefässer verwendet werden
Zunhammer Frontabsaugung:
momentan noch ohne Funktion

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Progress E514 pack v 2.0 [MP] Thumbnail

fortschrite kombine pack, e514braun, green, E512

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Krone Emsland TDK 302 v 1.0 Thumbnail

Capacity: 16000 l
Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize, chaff

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Kroeger MUK 303 v 1.0 Thumbnail

Capacity: 29000 l
Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, seeds, silage, wheat windrow, barley windrow, grass windrow, manure, forage, fertilizer, kalk

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Fortuna K180 v 1.2 Thumbnail

Capacity: 18000 l
Fruits: wheat, barley, rape, maize, apfel, chaff, forage, grass, straw, potato, sugarbeet, silage, green wheat, carrot, onion, dinkel, millet, oat, rye, sunflower, tomato, manure, fertilizer, seeds, cucumber

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New Holland CX6090 Thumbnail

Combines from the CX6000 series are characterized by a precision operation. Modification of a chopper and front and rear working lights. Combine switching between the two modes – operating modes and transport. The real highlight is the rooster, which is activated when the tank is full.

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Deutz TTV 7250 v 1.2 Thumbnail

- Dirt Texture
- Washable
- Driving Particle System
- Wheel Particle Spec
- Dynamic Exhausting System
- Lighting v 3.1

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Unia Mars Amazone D 4000 v 1.1 MR Thumbnail

Heavy aggregates to attach with sturdy, uniform framework. The machines are designed for machining of the soil before sowing, the stubble and simplified cultivation. Thanks to the wide range of disc sections, these machines are suitable for all field conditions. Double row slices guarantee complete undercutting and mixing of crop residues. The thick rollers can compact the soil.

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Zunhammer Xerion 3800 Saddle Trac v 2.1 Thumbnail

Update Version 2.1:
Manure consumption in the helper operation, released a fixed version, so that only the helpers in Saddletrac what consumed

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Fendt Vario 930 v 2.0 Thumbnail

- Full lighting
- Opening rear window
- Operating Hours & ES Limiter
- Manual Ignition
- Real Exhaust Particle System.
- Wheel Particle Spec
- Ploughing Spec
- Dual Tires
- New wheels
- The weights in the wheels. After adding the tractor differently behave
- Rotating the seat, together with the console 180 degrees. Tractor changing direction
- New realistic driving physics
- No errors in the log and working shema
- Scale 1:1
- Fuel tank – 530
- The maximum speed in the game – 40 km/h

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Ferri Mower v 2.0 Thumbnail

Municipal Ferri Mower

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MIG Map Made In Germany Celle Region v 0.88.1 BETA Thumbnail

Changelog v 0.88.1 BETA:
- Repaired Rinderstall Goals
- Hemp changed texture
- Kalk stock installed at Ball Hall
- Repaired Zuhammer station Farm 1 cow and pig
- Revised hay and grass swath texture
- Multifruit.zip revised the plume can be discharged in the silo also with Trailer GPS
- Sales stations PDA new sort
- Pigs Cattle fattening current script status Feb.2014

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John Deere S650 v 1.0 Thumbnail

- Front and rear lights work, besides tube light
- The ability to leave or straw
- The head contains corn animacioon in fruit, also fold it
- Combine with this lively work and transport position
- Driving Particle Systems
- Rean Straw and Chopped Straw Particle systems
- Interactive Control and Light
- Manual Ignition, Buyable Rape system
- Grain Header have the ability to use Srop Ricers
- Dinamic unload particles Indoor Sounds

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